Why We’re Here

Writing is an every day battle. For myself, it is a passion I cram between work shifts. I want more than anything else to be a successful author with a plethora of readers. I believe that is one of the greatest intrigues to choosing writing as a career rather than a hobby. However, time is a less than abundant necessity and editing full-length novels is a bigger task than I’m capable of doing more than once every couple of weeks.

The need to write doesn’t evaporate with disuse. Instead, it gnaws on the ribs, pounds on the inner circle of the skull, and keeps one from completing a healthy, eight hours of sleep. To cope with this in the middle of my busy lifestyle, I’ve decided to both build myself a blog that comes with an online readership and challenge my fiance to help me meet my writing needs. Every week, she is going to pick out a writing prompt for me, challenge me to work outside of my usual comfort zone, and produce a short story.

Our goal is to keep you entertained while we nurture a dose of personal insanity.

So, please, come read what we’ve got to offer, enjoy the chaos we can bring to life, and then take up the challenge yourself. Amidst your own busy schedule, can you create wildly varied short stories on a weekly timeline?


Writing Is Loud

To write in silence is to miss the gentle nuance of music pushing you to deepen the scene with the strings of grief playing somewhere to your left. To be silent is to trap all of your misshapen ideas inside yourself. To be silent is to be unheard.

We are writers, not ghosts moaning from the afterlife in need of one soul willing to hear them. Write loudly. Write with the expectation that someone will read your story, your idea, and have a life changing moment because of it.

Ignore the “professionals” and write like your life depends on it. Tell everyone around you about the characters clawing at the edges of your mind.

This is your chance to be heard, to make a difference, to leave your mark on the world, so do it loudly.

Writing Quirk

In our house, there’s a ritual when it’s time to write. I bring a pillow to the kitchen to cushion my chair by the wall plug, pull out the laptop, and start loading my novel. My amazing fiancée simultaneously makes me a chai tea latte at the stove and lights my candle ( currently tea and lemon scented ). There’s music and easy chatter between her and I as I try to work through character arcs, plot holes, and the everyday process of creating logical sentences.

I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that writing is an art for introverts and that I should be writing with the door shut, but I’ll gladly argue that the woman by my side is an incredible addition to the raging voices within my skull. She points out simple flaws in my story lines, or tells me which of my characters have fallen in the love long before I’ve written anything towards their relationship. Some days she’s a dress specialist, others an employee of a fast food restaurant, but on my favorite days, she’s the one holding my hand as I walk her through the insanity of my own mind.

For us, writing, while it may be by my trembling fingertips, is a team effort. It’s the scent of earl gray tea brewing in the background as we banter over lives yet to be enjoyed. Chai in hand, laptop on green, I can do this only with her and the handful of curious friends I have who patiently wait for me to finally accomplish something in this chosen career.


As much as I enjoy my own jokes, this is a great piece of advice. Don’t tell me that something is exciting, but make me feel it in the structure of the sentence and the way your characters speak. Learning to punctuate with power will improve that story in seconds.

One Draft at a Time

Hey, everyone!

Let’s cross our fingers that this week is it, the one I actually finish rewriting the already previously edited novel and give it over to my fiancée for some hard criticism.

I’ve seen some really rough drafts over my own novel. This one in particular started while I was still in high school and has haunted me over the last three years as I changed or tweaked the plot and characters. It’s been a long journey to tell the story of Tamyra Raeleigh, but it’s almost time to get her published.

Writing’s a Piece of Cake

Thought this was a very cute representation of our personal pieces of art. Yes, there are other novels that cover the same topics, whether it be the relationship between a mother and her children, the ever changing nature of vampires, or about a clever girl in the middle of a dystopian society. Others have written about the same things, but they have not written the same story.

Tell yours. It’s just as good as everyone else’s, but the world will never have a chance to read it if you get lost in self-doubt.

Story Teller

Tell your story. Do some damage. Leave no painful detail out, no villain unscathed, and shed light on the events that have not only inadvertently affected you, but completely shaped your world view.

No one else can tell a story the same way as you.

Every day, no matter if it is only a few lines or pages, a few minutes or hours, tell your story, so that your unique voice may never be forgotten.