Why We’re Here

Writing is an every day battle. For myself, it is a passion I cram between work shifts. I want more than anything else to be a successful author with a plethora of readers. I believe that is one of the greatest intrigues to choosing writing as a career rather than a hobby. However, time is a less than abundant necessity and editing full-length novels is a bigger task than I’m capable of doing more than once every couple of weeks.

The need to write doesn’t evaporate with disuse. Instead, it gnaws on the ribs, pounds on the inner circle of the skull, and keeps one from completing a healthy, eight hours of sleep. To cope with this in the middle of my busy lifestyle, I’ve decided to both build myself a blog that comes with an online readership and challenge my fiance to help me meet my writing needs. Every week, she is going to pick out a writing prompt for me, challenge me to work outside of my usual comfort zone, and produce a short story.

Our goal is to keep you entertained while we nurture a dose of personal insanity.

So, please, come read what we’ve got to offer, enjoy the chaos we can bring to life, and then take up the challenge yourself. Amidst your own busy schedule, can you create wildly varied short stories on a weekly timeline?



21. Engaged. Writer.

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